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EEC Technology Co., Ltd (EECTECH) focus itself on international industrial supplies, including induction heating equipment, electric motors & industrial components. With most of products approved CQC, CE, UL, CSA, EECTECH has extended business throughout the world, mainly South East Asi

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Induction Heating ( HF & MF ) Equipments

Our high frequency & middle frequency induction heating (heat treatment) equipments cover solid state HF welding machine, vacuum tube welding machine, MOSFT, IGBT, Thyrister induction heating machines,etc , they satisfy requirements of induction heating efficiently in the industries of steel pipe welding, heat treatment of metals, metal smelting, fusion welding, braze welding, hot assembling,etc

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Industrial Electric Motors

EECTECH enjoys advantages (sound quality, competitive price, fast delivery & after-sales service) for supplying full range of  industrial electric motors, including asynchronous AC induction motors, DC motors, gear motor(reducers). Available with low voltage & high voltage motor, speed variable motor, explosion-proof motor, etc.  they are widely used in metallurgical industry, Coalmine, Metal cutting machine tool, Pape

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Industrial Electronic & Electric Components

Electronic components such as vacuum electronic tube, vacuum (ceramic & mica) capacitor, power semiconductors (rectifier diode, thyristor, power module) etc., with features of  high frequency & high power, they ar

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